What is foam?   

Foam is nothing more and nothing less than a material obtained through chemical reactions, in this case between a polyol and an isocyanate. Only within the foams we can find several variations. For example, polyurethane foams (which are the ones you will find here at Eurospuma) are divided into three groups: rigid, flexible, and moulded. They can either be soft or hard, with varying degrees of durability, and produced in different colours or infused with additives that give them special characteristics.

From the mattress we sleep on to the sponge we use to wash the dishes, foam is part of our everyday life, and it is hard to imagine life without it.

Eurospuma Essentials

Eurospuma® Essentials products cover most common applications such as seating, mattress bases, backrests, and packaging, among other things.

In the Essentials group, we have four brands: Eurospuma® Conventional, Eurospuma® HR, Eurospuma® Visco, and Eurospuma® Endurance. Each one represents a different type of flexible polyurethane foam.

Eurospuma Innovations

Eurospuma® Innovations technology was created with pioneers in mind, those who are not afraid to try new things in order to achieve greater comfort.

In the Innovations group, there are eight brands: Coolflow™, Coolgraph®, Cuprum, Energex™, Omnisoft, Omnitemp™, Cooltouch™, and Titanium.

Each brand represents a technology that provides different comfort sensations such as heat dissipation and customised support.